The Dojo's Mission

The Dojo’s mission is to impact and empower peoples lives with the positive benefits of martial arts training. We are committed to create better people and a better world filled with health, happiness, peace, and harmony built from a unique blend of old traditional and modern day martial arts training. Studying the best martial art skills and life skills from the East and the West is our quest.


Sifu Phil Des Rosiers

5th Degree Black Belt and Head instructor

Lifelong Marinite and former owner of Marin Kenpo Karate, has 22 years of martial arts experience and 8 years as an amateur boxer for a combined 30 years in the martial arts.

During his tenure as an owner of Marin Kenpo, he was the official self-defense provider for the City of San Rafael Employees. He worked in conjunction with city management and law enforcement to develop a comprehensive self-defense program. Phil is also a licensed personal trainer providing his students with classes that emphasize martial arts drills for both self-defense and fitness.

Phil’s passions are his beautiful wife, Riki, 1st Degree Black Belt, who was also one of his first karate teachers, and his beautiful daughter, Kimberly.

Sifu Robin Artegiani

4th Degree Black Belt

Sifu Artegiani has over thirty years experience teaching martial arts.


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