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The Dojo’s mission is to impact and empower people with the positive benefits of martial arts training.

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The DojoStudio of Martial Arts & Fitness

We are committed to creating better people and a better world filled with health, happiness, peace, and harmony built from a unique blend of old traditional and modern day martial arts training. Studying the best martial art skills and life skills from the East and the West is our quest.

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ProgramsDiscover our many classes

Dojo Fit®

Classic Dojo Fit
Kick Boxing moves combined with upbeat music and a variety of exercises will sculpt your body in a fun whole-body work out.
Dojo Fit Express
A circuit-based 45 minute exercise class. An accelerated whole-body work out that's perfect for the working professional.
Dojo Fit Express Bag
Hitting a bag builds punching power, stamina, and can increase your metabolic rate for days afterward. This workout works your legs as well as your arms to train the whole body, activating as many muscle as possible to burn the most calories.
Dojo Fit Bums & Tums
Core muscles are central to every movement you make. They are critical to your stability, strength, and efficiency: strong core=strong body. The core includes thigh, glute, hip, back, and abdominal muscles.
Dojo Fit Cardio Kickboxing/Bag
This class combines our Classic and Bag classes incorporating cardio, body weight and agility training.
Dojo Fit TRX Bootcamp
This class features varied training tools and High Intensity Intervals built on strong, focused, and functional movements, guaranteed to be outrageously fun but leave you in a breathless, sweaty, body-quivering heap.

Kids Classes

Pre-Skills (Ages 3 - 4)
In a nurturing and caring environment, kids learn motor skill development, how to follow directions, and self-control through games, exercises and the basics of martial arts.
Kinder Kicks (Ages 4 - 6)
A high energy, fun class for preschoolers and kindergartners, our Kinder Kicks program works on balance and coordination skills, while introducing martial arts basics in preparation for Dojo Kids.
Dojo Kids 1 (Ages 6 - 8)
Dojo Kids gain the tools, confidence, and courage necessary to make healthy and positive life decisions. We focus on the five pillars of martial arts – Respect, Integrity, Courage, Effort, and Strength – while in the Dojo, at home, and in school.
Dojo Kids 2 (Ages 9 - 13)
Success in Dojo Kids can overflow into school and personal life. The unique drills are designed to work speed, focus, and power, and can also have a positive crossover effect on performance in other sports.
Black Belt Club (Ages 7 - 11)
Our premier program for our most dedicated students. The program requires the student have a purple belt or above and be able to attend at least two classes a week. By invitation only,
Youth Advanced (Ages 9 - 13)
This program requires the student have a purple belt or above.

Adult Classes

Teen Martial Arts
Develop positive character traits such as perseverance, goal-setting, respect, honor and discipline. Earn your Black Belt! Join the ever-increasing number of teens who realize the power that a Black Belt has on college applications and job interviews.
Adult Martial Arts
The adult martial arts program will help turn back the clock through agility, flexibility, and focused training. We will strengthen your body and help you to continue to set positive goals in your life. Be empowered!
Tai Chi
Learn the graceful and empowering movements of Yang style Tai Chi.
Work out as a family and enjoy the full benefits of martial arts.


Sifu Robin and Phil are amazing, so friendly and warm to both parents and students. They have been so wonderful with my child and make each class exciting with such positive lessons.

Sarah J.

This dojo is wonderful, and I would strongly encourage anybody and everybody to train there. It is a warm and often humorous environment that is always family friendly.

Scott H.

You will not find a better work out, and the instructors are more than willing to help tailor each workout to your personal need.

Patricia C.

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