Dojo Kids

Photo by Johnny Grace

Dojo Kids gives kids the tools, confidence, and courage necessary to make healthy and positive life decisions. Their success in Dojo Kids will overflow into their school and personal lives, and the unique drills designed to work speed, focus, power, etc. can have a crossover effect on performance in other sports. Dojo Kids helps kids build self esteem and strength of self which in turn helps overcome fear, inactivity, obesity, lack of success, bullies or kid challenges and helps resist peer pressure to make bad choices. Dojo Kids program has a whole person approach which inter-relates the different aspects of kids lives. Parent, home, school, community, team, etc.

We work with parents to assure our Dojo Kids are making a contribution to their family, doing their chores and following family rules. We work closely with the kids schools and teachers and expect and encourage our kids to excel in class. We work closely with the community and participate in local activities which support and contribute to the community. Success in the Dojo Kids program is positively reflected in home, schooland community. We believe the test is in the training to that end, progression through the ranks is achieved through a combination of attendance and participation in group and practice outside of The Dojo. Also required will be a good review from parents regarding their contributions at home and performance in their classes, community, groups and other sports and activities. And, Dojo Kids is FUN!

Dojo Kids is the most fun your child will have learning. Isn't it time your child started karate? Join Dojo Kids today! Dojo Kids may join anytime from age 6 to their early teens.

Dojo Kids Classes

Kids Pre-Skills - Open to all belt levels. Kids aged 3 - 4
Kinder Kicks - Open to all belt levels. Kids aged 4 - 5
Dojo Kids 1 - Open to all belt levels. Kids aged 6 - 8
Dojo Kids 2 - Open to all belt levels. Kids aged 9 - 13
Dojo Kids Black Belt Club - Open to belt levels orange and above. Kids aged 6 - 13 (Invitation only)
Dojo Kids Sparring - Open to belt levels yellow and above. Kids aged 6 - 13 (Invitation only)
Adult/Kids Combined - Open to all belt levels. Kids aged 6 - 13